Responsible Innovation

While innovation may bring a lot of good to society, it is not necessarily good in itself. The challenge is to innovate in a way that benefits both companies and society – to innovate responsibly.

Responsible innovation implies that we have to look at the ethical acceptability, the (unknown) risks and the orientation towards social need and our grand challenges. At the same time we have to foster competiveness and innovative capacity.

This course discusses the challenging concept of responsible innovation, its meaning and its significance, by addressing the societal implications of new technologies and showing how we might incorporate ethical considerations into technical innovations.

This MOOC is for people interested in the relationship between technological innovation, ethics, business and society. We are looking for learners and entrepreneurs who are value-driven and wish to contribute to financial, ecological and social sustainability.

The course will discuss a number of technological case studies, including: nanotechnology, self-driving vehicles, nuclear power, examples of frugal innovations for low income groups, smart meters for electricity, autonomous weapons and CO2 capture and storage.

The course includes a free e-book. 

Responsible Innovation

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