Chairman's welcome

Dear Patron,

 Welcome to the FIATA Logistics Academy (FLA). This is where FIATA's vision to provide its Membership & the Logistics sector at large with "One Knowledge Source for Global Logistics" will continue to take center stage of FLA's ambitions.

FLA has come a long way having been incepted in 2014. You will see an array of on-line courses and undertakings by browsing thru this site.

And we have just begun and will continue to roll out new courses and programs (like Talent Connect for internship programs)  as we pursue these goals.

FLA mentors, who come from several countries continue to bridge the developments of FLA. And just as new programs continue to be unveiled, new mentors from across the globe continue be to be admitted into this body.

We have just begun on our journey - so come and be a part of FLA as a student, mentor or extension.



Issa S. Baluch

Chairman - FIATA Logistics Academy