UCC eLearning Programme

In order to support the implementation of the Union Customs Code(UCC) and its Delegated Act (DA) and Implementing Act (IA), entering into force on 1 May 2016, an extensive UCC EU eLearning programme has been developed by the Commission's Taxation & Customs Union department in collaboration with a pool of customs experts from national authorities and the private sector. The programme is addressed to both customs officers and economic operators in the European Union.

The programme consists of a series of modules at 3 learning levels:
• Level 1 provides on overview about what the UCC is bringing and focusses on the key features, the impact on customs authorities and trade and the transitional measures in place to move from Community Customs Code (CCC) to the new UCC.
• Level 2 provides fundamental knowledge and describes the procedures for each specific customs domain as defined by the UCC.
• Level 3 will provide more expert knowledge and practical applications on specific topics, including the use of IT systems.

At this stage, only Level 1 and Level 2 are in development - (Level 3 is still to be defined.)

This UCC EU eLearning programme can be followed as a complete programme. However, the modules are designed to allow the selection of single modules in function of your professional competency needs. For training providers, we recommend integrating these eLearning modules in their wider customs training programme (blended learning programme).

To freely download these easy-to-use eLearning modules, select your course in the download form.

For standalone use, you may download the regular course zip folder (includes iso, exe, html or html5 formats). For integration in your local LMS system, download the scorm zip folder. The Quick Start Guide available in the download package explains how to install the courses on your PC or system.

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