FLA leadership

The FLA is guided by an experienced team of Steering Committee Members. The Team is responsible for:

  • Recommending and participating in formulating general policies involving training programs, courses and other pertinent undertakings,
  • Engaging in long-range planning and recommend program development for the benefit of members and the industry,
  • Deciding upon the activities of the FLA when decision is required.

They provide the strategic direction of FLA’s programs, managing the budgets, activities and human and financial resources in accordance with agreed work plans, and ensuring delivery of results in line with the FLA's strategic goals.



kersten's picture
Hans Günther Kersten
Director General FIATA
verena's picture
Verena Schaer
FIATA's Training and Education Manager
ibaluch's picture
Issa Baluch
Chairperson FIATA Logistics Academy
fparisi's picture
Francesco Parisi
Immediate Past President of FIATA
slim's picture
Stanley Lim
Chairperson FIATA World Congress
tsim's picture
Thomas Sim
Chairperson Advisory Body Vocational Training