FIATA Logistics Academy Vision, Mission and Values


FLA strives to be an internationally grounded, sustainable and world professionally recognised resource for the development of individuals who will add value to the management of supply chains through the provision of innovative, practical and entrepreneurial solutions.


  1. To add value to FIATA members by positioning training, development, and research in freight logistics as a priority FIATA deliverable;

  2. To work towards attracting and assembling best practices, applications and training programs available in academic and vocational training in the supply chain management and international logistics industry;

  3. To provide a sustainable, quality management facility for professional training to FIATA members through access to leading edge intellectual property and education, training and development methodologies via a centralised delivery platform and learner management system;

  4. To promote cooperation and mutual recognition with international, regional and national bodies and institutions which are role players in the supply chain management and international logistics field.

  5. To enhance access to careers in supply chain management and international logistics by empowering and encouraging FIATA members to provide training