Who We Are?

Mentors supporting personal development

The FLA mentors are experienced in the field of Freight Forwarding, for which they are committed to extending their knowledge to bright and talented individuals who wish to progress in the transport industry. Mentors functions include: assisting in the development of the new training initiatives, sharing best practices through a dedicated mentor forum and recommending degree programs and certificate programs. For the full list of mentoring functions, please read the FLA terms of reference Art 4, available in the "Resources" section.

paulkhoa's picture
Paul Khoa
FLA Mentor
TejContractor's picture
Tej Contractor
FLA Mentor
sudeshChaturvediFICS's picture
Sudesh Chaturvedi FICS
FLA Mentor
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Mauro Da Ros
FLA mentor
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Anusorn Lovichit
FLA Mentor
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Qun Huang
FLA Mentor
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Kayıhan Özdemir Turan
FLA Mentor
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Nicha Ratanachinda
FLA Mentor
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Zein Baluch
FLA Mentor
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JP Tseng
FLA Mentor